Development of the brand's resellers.

Having acquired a world-renowned, shops and distributors wanted  to get Mister Babache's products . Jonglerie Diffusion SA exporte today in over 35 countries all around the world

Odoo text and image block

Odoo image and text block

Creation of Products Which Became  Bestsellers

Creation of  the "Finess": the first diabolo with various tuning ( weight , lights, prisma , axes)

Development of various beanbags with different textures : Touch Record, Splendor ...

Creation of the first fire Poi with screw fixation without the wick

  • 1983-1985

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  • 1985-1990

    Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • 1990-2000

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  • 2000-2010

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  • 2010-2016

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